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The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted all areas of international education. While the sector continues to navigate the ever-evolving crisis, the importance of learning abroad needs to remain part of the conversation when discussing international education.


International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) and the Learning Abroad Return to Travel Working Group is leading a campaign titled #KeepTheConnectionStrong

Campaign aims

The #KeepTheConnectionStrong campaign is designed to tell the story of learning abroad from a student-centred perspective. The ‘connections’ that arise from a mobile student have positive impacts on their own development, as well as impacting education institutions, business, and society.


The campaign aims to raise awareness among students, education institutions, businesses, community and political leaders of the benefits of returning to travel once safe and feasible to do so.


This is the moment to make plans and build competencies into our outbound student mobility systems to ensure learning abroad returns better, stronger and more sustainable in a post-pandemic world.

Campaign launch

The #KeepTheConnectionStrong campaign is currently under development. To follow our journey and be part of the launch, subscribe to the IEAA mailing list here.


We need you! 


Every voice counts. Get involved in the campaign and share your story of how a learning abroad experience has benefited you, your education institution, your business or the community. Submit a testimonial with a short quotable response outlining the value of learning abroad along with an image you would like included with your quote (optional).


The testimonials will be housed on this page and shared on IEAA’s LinkedIn profile when the campaign is launched.
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